Invited Speakers

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Prof. Damian Hampshire
Durham University,
Flux flow in HTS and LTS High-Field Superconductors under Strain [CV1]
Prof. Carmine Senatore
University of Geneva,
On the Mechanisms Behind the Irreversible Degradation of Nb3Sn Wires Under Mechanical Loads: Effects of the Filament Microstructure and of the Stress Redistribution [CV2]
Dr. Arend Nijhuis
University of Twente,
The Netherlands
Parametric study on CORC cable bending, experiments and modeling [CV3]
Dr. Jan Jaroszynski
National High Magnetic Field
Laboratory, USA
Reel-to-Reel Studies of REBCO CC Degraded by High Magnetic Field Tests [CV4]
Dr. Dongliang Wang
Chinese Academy of Science,
High Critical Current Joint of Iron-based Superconducting Tapes [CV5]
Dr. Arno Godeke
Varian Medical Systems,
Superconductivity in Medical Accelerators for Cancer Treatment with Charged Particles [CV6]
Prof. Satoshi Awaji
Tohoku University
Electromechanical Property and Pre-bending Effect in CuNb/Nb3Sn Rutherford Cables and Coils [CV7]
Prof. Kozo Osamura
Research Institute for Applied Sciences, Japan
Mechanical – Electromagnetic Property of Stainless Sheet Laminated BSCCO – 2223 Wires [CV8]
Dr. Peter Lee
National High Magnetic Field
Laboratory, USA
New Techniques to Visualize and Interpret Quantitative Data Extracted from Images of Superconductors [CV9]
Prof. Seungyong Hahn
Seoul National University
Selected Mechanical and Operational Issues of High Field No-Insulation High Temperature Superconductor Magnets
Dr. Vyacheslav Solovyov
Brookhaven Technology Group,
Uniformity and Inter-Filament Current Transfer in “Twisted-Stack” Cables Comprised of Exfoliated YBCO Filaments [CV11]
Dr. Najib Cheggour
National High Magnetic Field
Laboratory, USA
Towards Understanding the Origins of the Strain Irreversibility Cliff in RRP® Nb3Sn Wires [CV12]
Dr. Jeremy Weiss
University of Colorado Boulder & Advanced Conductor Tech.,
Overview of Current CORC® Cable and Wire Performance for Accelerator Magnets [CV13]
Prof. Qiuliang Wang
IEE, Chinese Academy of
Sciences, China
Construction and Test of the 27.2 T All-Superconducting Magnet at IEE [CV14]
Dr. Nadezda Bagrets
Karlsruhe Institute of
Technology, Germany
International Round Robin Test for Tensile Test on REBCO Wires at Cryogenic Temperatures [CV15]
Dr. Xinzhe Jin
Muroran Institute of Technology,
Mechanical Strengths of Joints for RE123-RE123 Coated Conductors and Bi2223-Bi2223 Tapes Fabricated by CJMB Method [CV16]
Prof. Sang-Im Yoo
Seoul National University,
Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationship in GdBa2Cu3O7-d Coated Conductors via the REC-DR Process
Prof. Hyung-Seop Shin
Andong National University,
Establishment of Test Procedures on the Electromechanical Property of Practical REBCO CC Tapes under Uniaxial Tension Loading for Standardization [CV18]
Dr. Klaus-Peter Weiss
Karlsruhe Institute of
Technology, Germany
Mechanical Stability of HTS CroCos and Structural Material Boundaries [CV19]