We believe sponsoring MEM18 workshop helps promote your company to prospective customers.
Each sponsorship will include the following:

  1. Sponsor name, logo and web link will appear on the MEM18 website,
  2. A full page advertisement of your company or products will be printed in the inside of the Abstract booklet for MEM18 workshop
  3. Appropriate signage displayed during the workshop. Also Sponsor name will be acknowledged at Banquet.

And if available, promotional items (approximate quantity= 100) from sponsors will be included in the conference bag for workshop attendees at no additional cost!

Sponsorship Fee:

Single ticket: USD1,000 (KRW1,000,000)

Sponsorship starts from a single ticket, but multiple tickets are welcome which will be used for supporting some invited guests or students.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding sponsorship cooperation, please contact us (hsshin@anu.ac.kr).